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New Initiatives

  R&D Initiatives

  • Coldry and Matmor process In this process, Lignite is crushed and made into pellets which are dried using hot air and then iron ore is added to make the pellets suitable as reduction agents in iron ore purification process.

  • Upgradation of Brown Coal (UBC) - Reducing moisture in raw lignite at site and increasing calorific value will reduce the transportation cost and increase the fuel value. This will reduce auxiliary power consumption, CO2 emission and improve power plant efficiency and overcome the problem of spontaneous ignition while transporting lignite over long distances.

  • Underground Coal Gasification - To gainfully utilize the vast potential of lignite deposits which are uneconomical for conventional mining.

  • Synthesis of Zeolites from Lignite Fly Ash For removal of calcium from Circulating Water System.

  • Dynamic Loading of Conveyors Energy Conservation Measure.

  • Separation of Iron from bottom slag of Thermal Power Stations.

  • Usage of Bottom ash for Construction purposes.

  • High longevity coatings and alternate material for erosion and corrosion resistance.

  • Development of fly ash based pesticide.

  • Collaborative Research with Premier Technical Institutes.

  • Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant.
  CSR Initiatives

  • JalUday- With an objective to bring back ecology to priming level, water bodies in Neyveli in a total area of 46 hectares is being brought back to Original habitat formation.

  • JalDhara - Provide drinking water public at large including peripheral villages , crowd merging points such as Bus Stand , Railway Stations.

  • Jalaparyapatha- To harness the water potential and augment water resources. As part of this programme, Desilting of Walajah tank has been undertaken for the benefit of 200 villages.
  Other Initiatives

  • Blending of Coal with Lignite for Power Generation.

  • Providing dignity of life through employment to PWD (Dibyangs) Already 111 employed.

  • Red Sander Plantation on Mine Slopes.

  • Organic/Bio Farming.

  • Herbal Plantations/Gardens.

  • Fish/Prawn Cultivation.

  • Eco Tourism.

  • Floating Solar Panels in Water Reservoirs.

  • Solar & Hydro combined Power Generation in A&N Islands.

  • Reviving of Air Service from Neyveli.

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