Coal Secretary Speaks

 [ Excerpts from the Addresses in the Eighth India Coal Summit on 22/06/2016]


         All the stakeholders present at the summit to come up with suggestions for the problems associated with the coal sector. He said that underground mining in India is important from environment perspective but it is also important to understand that why it didnít happen in the country till now. The reason stated is the cost of underground mining that is 3-4 times expensive. He also said that it is not correct to state that coal produced through open cast mining is inferior in quality. He stated that the coal sector has transformed immensely from shortages to surplus and he is very happy that he could able to bring in such change in the coal sector. He believes in transparent mechanism of auctioning of coal. There are no shortages of coal in the country but if anybody wants to get the coal, he has to go through the process of auctioning. No coal will be given without the proper mechanism.

         The issues of coal shortages are resolved, however, new issues need to be addressed now. The issue of logistics is being taken care by the ministry of coal and ministry of railways. The evacuation of coal is primary focus now. Although various railway lines and linkages have been constructed and they will soon be in operation. The most important being the East West corridor, he mentioned. Issues of environment and transportation of ash is also being taken care of. Additional 50 washeries have been set up. He also mentioned that market situation of recent times is not conducive for commercial mining. He mentioned that in order to achieve the ambitious plan of the government of producing 1 billion tonnes of coal, new technology is required that will improve efficiency and safety.