Objective & Approach

NLC India Limited has set benchmark standards in the arena of CSR as a Corporate and Socio-economic citizen strives to fulfill the following in its pursuit to emerge as the best employer that fully takes care of the social, economic and environmental needs of the nation at large and the local community in which it operates.

Towards Social Sustainability

As a model CPSE, with sustained CSR programmes that have kept the company in good stead in terms of economic considerations, employee motivation and reputation, Neyveli Lignite Corporation India will strive to sustain the image as responsible CPSE.

Towards Environmental Sustainability

The company will assiduously pursue and implement environment management measures for generating clean power, controlling of pollution in workplace and the environment and maintaining ecological balance.

Towards Economic Sustainability

NLC India Limited recognizes the fact that its development is quintessential for the economic growth of the nation, development of the immediate community in which it operates and the society at large. As key driver of growth and prosperity in this region, NLC India Limited owes to ensure sustenance and flourish.

Schema of NLC India Ltd.’s CSR and Sustainability

CSR Projects and the Implementing, monitoring agencies

Main CSR projects/ activities and locality in which undertaken Implementing agency Name of the monitoring agency
Health sanitation and combating diseases - Neyveli and neighbourhood NLC India Limited General Hospital, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, District Blindness Society, CSR Cell/NLC India Limited. Neyveli Blood Donars Association. Monitoring of Medical Services to surrounding rural population and non-employee in NLC India Limited General Hospital by the Medical Branch of NLC India Limited.
For surrounding rural population, Multispecialty Medical camps are conducted and monitored by PIMS.
Eye Camps for peripheral villages monitored by the District Blindness Control Society.
District HIV positive Society monitors “Poshak” Project.
Access and Social Infrastructure Development in surrounding villages - Neyveli and neighborhood Dedicated CSR Cell of NLC India Limited. Peripheral Development CSR Committee consisting of District Department Officials and NLC India Limited Officials, headed by the District Collector will identify the works. The agency for the works are fixed by tender & implemented within the stipulated time.
Education Services - Neyveli and neighborhood NLC India Limited runs Schools (Ten), Trainers Grid of JCI, Jawahar Science College, and CSR Cell of NLC India Limited. Education of youth of the locality in the thirteen schools concurrently monitored by NLC India Limited’s Education Department.
The other activities are monitored by CSR Cell.
Capacity Building, Women empowerment / skill development / Entrepreneurship / employability - Neyveli and Barsingsar & Neighborhoods. SNEHA Opportunity Services, Army Recruiting Zone of the Indian Army, Neyveli Health Promotion and Social Welfare Society. EDP Training by local Agencies, Rajiv Gandhi ITI at Barsingsar, Capacity Building Programs by Employees Development Centre of NLC India Limited Activities monitored jointly with the Implementing Agencies by CSR Cell of NLC India Limited.
Water and irrigation facilities in the peripheral areas - Villages surrounding Neyveli. Dedicated CSR Cell of NLC India Limited Peripheral Development CSR Committee consisting of District Department Officials and NLC India Limited Officials, headed by the District Collector will identify the works. The agency for the works are fixed by tender & implemented within the stipulated time.

Orchestral Arrangement of NLC India Limited Units for Best CSR Practice

At the highest levels, NLC India Limited has constantly been aligning its business goals with the social goals and has made the CSR integral to its business. The various units/department of NLC India Limited are in orchestral arrangement for best Triple Bottom Line performance.

of Production, Maintenance and Service Units are responsible for economic performance through production and productivity and also for environmental safety, pollution/ground water control and energy conservation by direct action, the Projects and Planning Units, Specialized Engineering Units and the Technical Branches/Sections are ensuring overall Economic, Environmental and Social Performance by design with best techno-economic and socio-economic features of the Project Plans.

The dedicated Corporate Planning and Environment Cell coordinates the activities for ecological balance, Horticultural Development, Pollution Control with the support of the Centre for Applied Research and development (CARD) etc.

Centre for Applied Research and Development (CARD) is engaged in monitoring the dust, emission noise/vibration levels etc and supports the production units to achieve best Environmental Performance. This centre is engaged in developing innovative scientific solutions to environmental issues concerning the mining and industrial units. In fact, CARD is dedicated to discovering Sustainable Development Initiatives in relation to Natural Environment.

Excellent Social performance is being ensured by a host of Dedicated Departments.

Personnel and Administration is looking after Human Rights/Relations, Labour Laws Compliance, Township Administration, Industrial Relations, Employee Welfare, Amenities, Health, Education, Training etc.

Contracts, Commercial and Financial Branches are delivering the value additions to all stakeholders, i.e., Society, Partners, Investors, Customers and Employees, Build Business Relationships and Global Partnerships and help the Management in Contracting and Transactional Governance.

Land Acquisition and R&R Department is quickly resolving the compensation disputes, devises and implements quality R&R Action Plans, carries on Peripheral Development Scheme Works of capital nature, coordinates various Community Development Activities, Camps etc., at the peripheral villages, apart from internally acting as a CSR coordinator.

Safety Wings build Preparedness and capacity for disaster management, which will always be reinforced by many NLC India Limited employees voluntarily.

Vigilance Branchensures Transparency, Integrity and Honesty and creates avenues for social intervention through written communication.

Public Relations Department empowers the society with information on NLC India Limited, maintain the transparency, establishes Right to Information and Builds NLC India Limited’s image as the Socially Responsible Green Corporation.

Management Services renders support in steering NLC India Limited towards the path of inclusive and sustainable growth and also provides information to ministries and public representatives.