Desilting of Walaja Lake

The prominent CSR work of NLC India is de-silting of Walajah Lake at an expenditure of Rs 13.72 crore. The Lake is one of the biggest and oldest reservoirs in the Cuddalore district, feeding irrigation water to the major parts of the District. The water holding capacity of the tank was drastically reduced due to silt deposit.
NLC India Ltd. has willingly came forward towards the de-silting of Walaja Lake to provide direct irrigation facility to 11,500 acres of land and benefit the agrarian community from 200 villages of Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu. Due to this desilting of lake the storage capacity of the tank increased by 210 Crore litres. A part from that, the ground water table increased in surrounding regions and the full capacity of water transformed barren land to lush green.

NAVEENKARAN - Renovation - Protection of Heritage Structures Renovation works in the Heritage Buildings and Contributed funds to the National Culture Fund towards tourist development project in Archaeological Survey of India Site During the year 2014-15 a total amount of 14.174 lakhs has been spent and in the year 2015-16 an amount of 7.167 lakhs.

ANUSANDHAN – (Research) - Provides Corpus fund to the “NLC India Chair on CSR” at Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad for carrying out research, workshops / seminars and other promotional activities for furtherance of the cause of CSR and to provide policy inputs (on CSR) to the Industry as well as to the Government.

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