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Public Notice / Caution against fraudulent communication
by unscrupulous elements regarding “Recruitment Offers” in NLCIL

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Details of Independent External Monitors


Reclamation of Mining Land through Livestock Rearing In Mine II

An MoU has been reached between NLCIL and Ms.Vyakthi Vikas Kendra India (VVKI), Bangalore, an organization with expertise in the field, to take up Land reclamation through rearing of live stocks as a pilot project. The MoU was signed by Shri Hemant Kumar, ED/Mines and Shri Rohit Sikka, a Senior Official from M/s. Vyakthi Vikas Kendra India (VVKI), Bangalore, in the presence of Shri Rakesh Kumar, CMD, Shri R.Vikraman, Director/HR, Shri Prabhakar Chowki, Director/Mines, Shri T.Venkatasubramanian, CVO, and senior officials of NLCIL.


Neyveli Book Fair -2019

The 22nd Neyveli Book Fair, organized by NLC India Ltd. was inaugurated by Hon'ble Mr. Justice R. Subramanian, Judge, High Court of Madras, Chennai on 05th July, 2019 in the presence of Shri Rakesh Kumar, CMD and Functional Directors of NLCIL.


NLCIL Observes World Environment Day 2019

NLCIL Observes World Environment Day 2019 in a Green Way between 4th and 13th June 2019. During the above period, Eco – Pledge was taken by all the employees & executives of NLCIL and around 10000 trees were planted. This observance was carried out in-order to create widespread awareness on the theme "Air Pollution" among the employees & Public.



Diploma in Mining Course jointly with Annamalai University
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Sale of Raw Lignite through e-Auction
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Annual Training Calendar for the FY 2019-20
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CERC - Statutory Information
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International Youth Contest on "Together against Corruption"
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Sale of Raw Lignite through e-Auction
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Statutory Information - Power Trading
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JSC: Recruitment of Temporary Assistant Professor
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Environmental clearance for Stage-I and II of Talabira Project, Odissa
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CERC - Statutory Information
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Sale of Raw Lignite through e-Auction
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Forest clearance for Stage-I and II of Talabira Project, Odissa
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Disposal of Ash Un-Burnt Lignite from TPS-I thro' e-Tender Cum e-Auction
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Inplant Training for the year 2019
Provisional List of Students Selected for IPT - 2019
Instructions to the Students
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Complaints under Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers (PIDPI) - Nomination of Complaint Receiving Officer.
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Sale of RAW LIGNITE through Regular and Special e-Auction
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Provisional List of Students selected for Project work - 2018-19
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Guidelines for Project Work for UG/PG students for the year 2018 – 19
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Independence Day 2018 - Address by Chairman and Managing Director
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62nd Chairman’s Statement at the AGM to be held on 30-07-2018
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Inplant Training for the year 2018-19
Selected Candidate List
Declaration Form
Instruction to the Candidate
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NLCIL Application dated 24.01.2018 seeking grant of interstate trading licence category I under CERC (Procedure, terms and conditions for granting trading licence and related matters) regulations 2009 and amendments
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Stakeholders, Consumers and Others Feedback on NLCIL
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NLCIL GST Helpdesk
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Safety and Health Policy

NLCIL has been awarded by the Green India Awards organised by Green Society of India and Indian Exhibition Services ltd., during the World Environment Expo (5th to 6th June 2019) at Pragati Maidhan, New Delhi on 6th June 2019 under the following 2 categories:

  1. Best Sustainable Technology provider of the year 2019
  2. Best Clean and Green Energy producer of the year 2019

NLCIL has been awarded by Grow Care India with the prestigious "Platinum" Award 2019 organised with support of Government of Punjab, under Environment Category on 3rd April 2019 in Chandigarh, Punjab.

NLCIL has been bestowed with "Gold" Award in 4th EKDKN Exceed Award -2018, on 25th March 2019 in New Delhi. The Award was instituted by EK KAAM DESH KE NAAM (EKDKN), a non-government, non-funded, organization in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, to recognize outstanding achievements in Environment Preservation in Power sector (Inclusive Renewable)

Mine I of NLCIL won the Green Tech Safety Gold Award-2018 during the 17th Annual Green Tech Safety Gold Award-2018 presentation ceremony at Goa on 25-02-2019

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Employees Corner

Vision :: Values


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  • A  NAVRATNA  company under the Ministry of Coal

  • since  1956 -  more than 60  years  of   its   glorious existence

  • Present   Mining  Capacity  :   30.6 MTPA ( Lignite )

  • Present Power Generation Capacity (including JVs) : 3240MW (Lignite),    1000MW (Coal),   440MW (Solar),   51MW (Wind), Total : 4731MW

  • Planned Capacity Addition
    Lignite31.55 MTPA 
    Coal31.00 MTPA 
    Power Generation(including JVs)
    Lignite Based3540 MW 
    Coal Based5980 MW 
    Solar3860 MW 
    Wind200 MW 
    Acquisition of Power Assets3000.0 MW 
    Total16580 MW 

  • Projected Capital Expenditure (up to 2025) :
      Rs.1,28,983 Crore with a debt-equity ratio of 70:30.

  • Moved from an only lignite mining and power generation Company to become an energy company


History of NLC India

Human Resources

Financial Performance

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Sustainable Development

Research & Development

Corporate Social Responsibility


Awards & Achievements


NLC India Ex-Employee Portal

  • Employee Strength(as on 31.03.2019)
    Employee Category Wise
    Non Unionized Supervisors348 
    Reservation Category wise

    Employment Provided to 208 Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in compliance with reservation guidelines of GOI.
  • Full filling CSR
    Water Resource Management for the benefit of Large Society
       Land Benefitted       : 40210 Acres
       Villages Benefitted  : 83
       Beneficiaries           : 76688

  • Diversifying into coal based power generation and generation from renewable energy sources like Solar and Wind.

  • Marching towards 21011MW by 2025

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NLC India's Projects

The main activity of NLC India is Mining(Coal & Lignite) and Power Generation (Thermal and Renewable Energy).  


NLC India at present has four open cast lignite mines namely Mine I, Mine II, Mine IA and Barsingsar Mine. The lignite mined out is used as fuel to the linked Pit head power stations. Also raw lignite is being sold to small scale industries to use it as fuel in their production activities.

Mines Capacity
( in MTPA )
Mine I 10.5
Mine I A 3.0
Mine II 15.0
Barsingsar Mine 2.1
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Power Generation

NLC India has five pithead Thermal Power Stations with an aggregate capacity of 3240 MW. Further, NLC India has installed 34 Wind Turbine Generators of capacity 1.50 MW each and also commissioned 440 MW Solar Photo Voltaic Power plant in Neyveli, resulting in an overall power generating capacity of 3731 MW(excl. JVs).

Power Plants Capacity
( in MW )
TPS - I 600
TPS - II 1470
TPS - I Expansion 420
Barsingsar TPS 250
TPS - II Expansion 500
Wind Power Plant
(34 x 1.5 MW)
Solar Power Plant 440
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NLC Tamil Nadu Power Limited (NTPL) (2x500MW)

NLC Tamil Nadu Power Limited (NTPL), is a joint venture company of NLC India Ltd (formerly known as NLC Ltd) and M/s TANGEDCO (Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company), incorporated under the company act. The Equity participation between NLC and TANGEDCO is at the ratio of 89:11. GOI had issued sanction for the implementation of coal based 2 X 500MW Thermal Power Project by NTPL at Tuticorin at an estimated cost of Rs.4909.54 Cr. Unit 1 and Unit 2 have been declared for commercial operation w.e.f. 18th June 2015 and 29th August 2015. RCE – 2 for the project (Completion cost of the project) works out to Rs.7293.48 Cr. (June – 15 base).Power Purchase Agreement has been signed with TANGEDCO, ESCOMs of Karnataka State, Puducherry Electricity Department, Kerala State Electricity Board and DISCOMs of Andhra Pradesh. Power evacuation from this project is being carried out by M/s Power Grid Corporation of India. NTPL has signed a fuel supply agreement with Mahanadhi Coal fields Limited for supply of 3.0 MTPA of coal and in order to meet the shortfall in requirement, a contract has also been awarded on M/s. MSTC for supply of imported coal.


Neyveli Uttar Pradesh Power Limited (3x660MW)

Neyveli Uttar Pradesh Power Limited (NUPPL) is a joint venture between NLC India and Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited, Ghatampur in the State of Uttar Pradesh, for setting up of 3 x 660 MW power project. NUPPL has taken into possession of the entire land of 828 hectares required for this project. LOA for Steam Generator (SG) and Turbo Generator (TG) and Balance of Plant packages have been issued. Erection works under progress. Expected Commissioning by November 2021.



Neyveli New Thermal Power Project

The Neyveli New Thermal Power Project (2x500 MW) is being implemented at a capital cost of Rs.5907.11 Cr as replacement for the more than five decades old 600 MW Thermal Power Station I and adopts pulverized fuel firing technology. Consequent to re-tendering of Steam Generator package the Units are rescheduled to be commissioned in October 2017 and April 2018. LOA for Steam Generator package(NTA 1) and Turbo-Generator package (NTA 2) have been issued to M/s BHEL and detailed engineering activities, civil and mechanical erection works and supplies are in progress. LOA has also been issued for the Balance of Plant Package. The engineering & civil works, supplies and erection are in progress. Expected to be commissioned in July 2018.


Expansion of Mine 1A

In order to meet the additional requirement of lignite arising out of implementation of 1000 MW Neyveli New Thermal Power Project at Neyveli, expansion of Mine-IA is being implemented, which would result in raising the Mine IA capacity by 4 MTPA. Acquisition of required land has been taken up with Government. Ministry of Coal has accorded approval for mining expansion plan of Mine 1A. Works are under Progress.

Bithnok Thermal Power Station (250MW) with linked Lignite Mine (2.25MTPA) Rajasthan

Bithnok Thermal Power Project (250MW) with the linked lignite mine of 2.25 MTPA capacity at Bithnok in the State of Rajasthan is being set up at an aggregate estimated cost of Rs.2709.93 Cr. Power Purchase Agreement has been signed with Rajasthan DISCOMs. Agreement for supply of 25 cusecs of water from IGNP canal has been entered into. Government of Rajasthan (GoR) has issued award for acquisition of 1175.87 hectares of private land in Bithnok and 1863.184 Ha of Government land will be diverted to project by GoR after takeover of private land. The project has been proposed to be implemented through Engineering, Procurement & Commissioning (EPC) contract mode and is expected to be commissioned during the year 2020. Ministry of Coal has accorded approval for revised mining plan in June 2015. Contract awarded for all major packages and works commenced. Meanwhile the project has been put on hold for want of clearance from GoR in respect of the tariff issue.

Barsingsar Thermal Power Station Extension (250MW) with linked Hadla Lignite Mine (1.9 MTPA), Rajasthan

A lignite based Thermal Power Plant with a capacity of 250MW as an extension of the existing power plant at Barsingsar is being set up. The fuel requirement for the above power plant is to be met from linked Hadla Mine of 1.9 MTPA and the existing Barsingsar Mine. The aggregate estimated cost of the project is Rs.2635.04 Crores. All statutory clearances have been obtained. Government of Rajasthan has allocated Mining Lease area of 15.66 Sq. Km. The project has been proposed to be implemented through Engineering, Procurement & Commissioning (EPC) route and is expected to be commissioned during the year 2020. Contract awarded for all major packages and works commenced. Meanwhile the project has been put on hold for want of clearance from GoR in respect of the tariff issue.

Solar Power Projects

500MW in Tamilnadu: Contracts awarded to 4 firms (100MW each) and 2 firms (50MW each) at a total cost of Rs. 2073 Crore. Total Land requirement of 1755 Acres. Project Engineering and erection activities are in progress.

709 MW in Tamilnadu: LOA issued for 509MW ( 3 Bidders @100MW each and 209MW to one Bidder) on 23.01.2018 and LOA for another 200 MW issued to 2 bidders @100 MW each (Total Order value for 709 Mw- Rs. 3172 Cr). Total Land requirement-2628 Acre. Project Engineering activities are in progress.

2x10MW in South Andaman : Tender floated on 24.02.18 for setting up of 2 x 10 MW SPP with 8 MW hr BESS. Tender Opening in April 2018.


Talabira II &III Coal Blocks (20.00MTPA)

Coal Block allotted on 08.02.2016. AAP approved by NLC Board for Rs. 25.11 Cr for Pre projects activities. Tender floated on 30.09.2017.Tender opened on 05.12.2017, LOA issued to RL1 Bidder M/s Talabira (Odisha) Mining Private Limited, Ahmedabad on 06.02.2018. End users : Pithead NLC Talabira Thermal Power Project (3x800 MW) and NTPL (2x500MW).

Pachwara South Coal Blocks (11MTPA)

Coal Block allotted on 25.7.2013. Tender floated on 27.10.2017. Tender opened on 18.01.18 (4 Bidders). Price cover Opened on 15.03.18. e-Reverse Auction conducted on 19.03.2018. Further evaluation is in progress. End user : NUPPL Power Plant (3x660 MW) in Uttar Pradesh.

NLC Talabira TPP (NTTPP) Phase-I (3 X 800 MW)

NLCIL Board accorded in principle approval for taking up 2000 MW Coal based pit head Power Station at Odisha. Odisha IPICOL has given ‘In principle’ approval to set up 3200 MW Thermal Power Plant at Tareikela, Jharsuguda District in Odisha. EAC of MoEF&CC granted ToR on 08.12.2017. NLCIL Board accorded approval for the Feasibility Report (FR). Tender for Project consultancy services issued.

Thermal Power Station -II Second Expansion 2x660 MW with linked Mine-III (11.5 MTPA), Neyveli Tamilnadu

It is proposed to increase the power generating capacity by adding another 1320MW thermal power plant as the second expansion to the existing TPS-II at Neyveli. A new mine, Mine-III of capacity of 11.5 MTPA is proposed to be set up to exploit the mineable lignite reserves of about 380 MT available in the south of the existing Mine-II to meet the fuel requirement of the proposed thermal power plant. Advanced Action Proposals (AAP) of Rs.7.05 Cr for Mine-III and Rs.1.80 Cr for TPS-II Second Expansion for taking up phase-I pre-project activities were approved. Action has been initiated to enter into Power Purchase Agreement with DISCOMs of Southern States. PPA has been signed with TANGEDCO, Kerala SEB, Puducherry, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Government of Telangana.
EAC meeting held on 28.12.16 considered the project proposal to issue TOR for Environment clearance. Sub-Committee of EAC- MOEF visited project site on 04.02.17. Formal TOR received from MOEF on 23.3.17. FR was approved by Board on 20.07.17.
LOA issued to. M/s. DCPL as Project Consultant on 24.08.17.
Public Hearing was conducted on 15.02.2018. EOI Tender issued for Steam Generator Package and Turbo Generator Package (SE-2) QR Evaluation under progress.
EOI Tender Balance of Plant Package (BOP) SE-3: and FGD Package (SE-4) floated and further action under progress

Shri. RAKESH KUMAR Chairman cum Managing Director cmd@nlcindia.in 04142-252280
Shri. R.VIKRAMAN Director (Human Resource) dir.hr@nlcindia.in 04142-252220
Shri. NADELLA NAGA MAHESWAR RAO Director ( Planning & Projects) dpp.co@nlcindia.in 04142-252384
Shri. PRABAKHAR CHOWKI Director (Mines) director.mines@nlcindia.in 04142-252270
Shri. SHAJI JOHN Director (Power) dir.power@nlcindia.in 04142-252570
Shri. T. VENKATASUBRAMANIAN C V O cvo.nlc@nlcindia.in 04142-250326
Shri. K. PRABHU KISHORE Chief Regional Manager crmchennai@nlcindia.in 044-28364617
Shri. K.VISWANATH Company Secretary cosec@nlcindia.in 04142-252205


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